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I have worked as a profession visual effects trainer since 2006.

Below I have listed my main accomplishments for your interested.

  • Industrial Light and Magic, Senior Training (CURRENT POSITION)

    • Teaching new hires and existing artist within the following disciplines,

      • Creature Development

      • Generalists

      • Environments

      • Virtual Art Department

      • StageCraft

    • Software includes:

      • Houdini, Maya, 3dsMax, Unreal Engine, Katana, V-Ray, RenderMan, Nuke and Shotgrid.  

      • Along with proprietary tools Altas, Block Party, Zeno and Coda.

  • MPC, University Technical Lead

    • Headed up the technical side of MPC's in-house training program called 'MPC University'.

  • MPC, Lead Lighting Trainer

    • Wrote and taught the MPC Lighting Academy curriculum used to teach new Junior artists.

  • Sphere VFX, Director

    • Ran a visual effects based training company which offering bespoke training around the world.  

    • Clients including Framestore, DreamWorks Animation, Digital Domain, Cinesite, Animal Logic, Ghost VFX, Prime Focus, and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

  • SkillSet, through Sphere VFX

    • Taught staff in the main universities across England offering visual effects courses.

    • Produced a 10 module visual effects course to help support university visual effects courses.

  • Foundry, through Sphere VFX

    • Was the official preferred Nuke and Katana trainer for Foundry, offering training around the world, on behalf of the company.

  • Eyeon Software, through Sphere VFX

    • Was the official preferred Fusion trainer for Eyeon Software, offering training across Europe, on behalf of the company.

  • Solid Angle, through Sphere VFX

    • Was the official preferred Arnold trainer for Solid Angle, offering training around the world, on behalf of the company.

  • Pixar, through Sphere VFX

    • Accredited RenderMan trainer.

  • fxphd and Foundry, through Sphere VFX

    • Wrote, recorded and taught the Nuke for Trainers course for the Foundry.

    • All Foundry Nuke accredited trainers, internationally, have been trained by myself.

  • fxphd

    • Recorded and taught nearly 300 classes covering various visual effects software tools and techniques.

    • These include: Maya, Modo, Katana, Render Ray, Arnold, Nuke, Fusion, and Toxik. 

For current, but old, available training, please select from the options below...


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