Nuke 6.1 New Features

This In-depth DVD is designed to get you up to speed with the new features found in version 6.0 and 6.1 of Nuke and NukeX.

Covering all the new features including the Camera Tracker, RotoPaint node, both Keylight and Ultimatte keyers plus much more.

Full Breakdown

Roto and RotoPaint

– 48 mins
Looking at Nuke’s new Roto and RotoPaint nodes which replace the original Bezier node.


– 28 mins
Looking at Keylight, the award-winning production-proven blue and green screen keyer, originally created by Framestore/CFC.

Lens Distortion

– 24 mins
Looking at the new Lens Distortion node, using both its automatic analysis and manual features.

Camera Tracker

– 43 mins
Looking at Nuke’s new Camera Tracker, working with Point Clouds and 3D integration after the solve.

Depth Generator

– 17 mins
Looking at the new Depth Generator which generates depth or ‘z’ map information from live action footage / camera track data.


– 23 mins
A comprehensive look at the Ultimatte keyer now integrated into Nuke.

Snapping and Selection

– 8 mins
Looking at Nuke’s new 3D vertex selection process and the ability to snap other 3D objects to these points.

FBX Export

– 5 mins
An overview of Nuke’s new .fbx export features.

Interactive Viewing

– 3 mins
Learn to interactively move cameras and lights through the viewer.

Technical Information

This training series costs £10

The videos lessons are supplied within a .zip file and saved at a resolution of 1152 x 720. The encoded files are QuickTime H.264.

Running time 3 hours 19 mins

Total download size: 2.1Gb

Along with the training videos you will also receive all the example files created during the classes.