Fusion 6 Foundations

Covering all the new features found in eyeon’s Fusion 6, this video series is designed to get you up and running with the new tools fast.

Full Breakdown

User Interface and Display Views

Covering the input menu pop-up, rendering progression icon, colour inspector display, settings and toolbars.

Understanding the Region of Interest (ROI) and Domain of Definition (DoD)

Covering a full overview of Fusion’s new Region of Interest and Domain of Definition systems.

New and Improved 2D Tools

Covering the new ColourMatrix tool and updates to the Tracker ,Blur, Crop, Motion Vector, SetDomain tools.

Polylines and Paths

Covering B-Splines vs Beta-Splines, PolyMask handles, Lock Point Selection, Easy in/out, XYPaths and Grid Mesh tools.

Timeline and Spline Editor,

Covering Timeline Guides, Filters, Smooth Points and Lock Point Selection.


Covering Blend Modes, Mattes, UVW Mapping, Material & Object ID’s, Materials, Textures, FBX, Fog, Renderers, and lots more.

Stereoscopic Tools

Covering supported stereo viewing, Camera, Renderers, StereoMix and workflow.

Fusion and Generation Collaboration

Covering the integration between Generation 1.1 and Fusion 6.

Other Resources include:

  • Stereoscopic Anaglyph Methods.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Fusion 6.
  • Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for DaySky tool.
  • The Business and Technology of Stereoscopic Filmmaking.
  • A Symbolic Derivation of Beta-splines of Arbitrary Order.
  • Technical Information

    This training series costs £10

    The videos lessons are supplied within a .zip file and saved at a resolution of 1024 x 576. The encoded files are QuickTime H.264.

    Running time 3 hours 46 min

    Total download size: 1.1Gb

    Along with the training videos you will also receive all the example files created during the classes.