Fusion 5 In-Depth 3D

This In-depth 3D course is designed specifically for people who already know Fusion but want to increase their understanding of how the 3D system works, and benefit from some industry hints and tips in producing more complicated setups.

Designed with production in mind, all modules are tool focused and application based to help you understand not only how something works but why it does and how you would use it in a production environment.

Full Breakdown

General 3D Overview

Building a basic 3D scene using primitives, cameras, lights and render node.

Working with Geometry

Covers Fusion’s 3D primitives, materials, uv texture mapping .fbx files, importing baked animation and deformation nodes.
(Note: Changes in Fusion 6 include: Mattes and Blend operations in 3D primitives, along with an FBX Export tool.)

Understanding Cameras and Lights

Covers Camera, importing baked animation for Camera, Point Cloud data, Projector Camera, Lights, Shadow setup, and Shadow passes.
(Note: Changes in Fusion 6 include: Cameras now have stereoscopic functionality and the Projector camera has multiples ways of outputting its projection data.)

Miscellaneous 3D Tools

Covers Replace Material, Transmittance, Duplicate and Transform.
Changes in Fusion 6 include: Replace Material has been totally re-written, Duplicate now has a randomness (Jitter) function plus the copies control is now a range (first->last), and can be made negative.


Covers Software Renderer, OGL Renderer, Output Channels, Motion Blur and Lighting options. Changes in Fusion 6 include: Major update to the OGL renderer plus some slight changes in output capabilities of the Software Renderer.

Gas Works Composite

Breakdown of composite designed for eyeon which illustrates many of the 3D areas covered.

Maya 2 Fusion

Covers creating a simple scene in Maya, Rendering a Beauty Pass, Baking the Camera data, Exporting models as .fbx files and importing / setup within Fusion.

Technical Information

This training series costs £10

The videos lessons are supplied within a .zip file and saved at a resolution of 1024 x 576. The encoded files are QuickTime H.264.

Running time 6 hours 32 mins

Total download size: 2.1Gb

Along with the training videos you will also receive all the example files created during the classes.