HDRI : High Dynamic Range Images for VFX – Video Series

Welcome to HDRI : High Dynamic Range Images for VFX

Over 3 hours of material!

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This first of a two part series covers the key concepts and theories underlying Visual Effects that are often missed or misunderstood by both the new and experienced artist. These foundational concepts are common to whatever software you use. For these videos we’ve focused on using Maya, Mental Ray and Nuke to demonstrate these principles, however we touch on many other tools along the way.


During the 6½ hours of material you’ll cover :

  • Understanding HDRI’s
  • Shooting multiple exposures
  • Merging multiple exposures into a single HDR image
  • Stitching multiple HDRI into a LatLong image
  • Add exposure to a light source to closer match ‘Scene Referred Imagery
  • Editing a LatLong image, extracting lights and clear up
  • Lighting a scene using both a LatLong and ‘localised’ HDR images


spherevfx would like to especially thank:

  • Paul Debevec – (Chief Visual Officer and leads the Graphics Laboratory at the University of Southern California‘s Institute for Creative Technologies)
  • Marcos Fajardo – (Founder, Software Architect, Solid Angle SL)
  • Peter Moxon – (formally WW RenderMan Channels Manager, Pixar)
  • Jordan Thistlewood – (Senior Product Manager, The Foundry)


Technical Information

This training series costs £60

The video lessons are supplied within multiple .zip files and saved at a resolution of 1600 x 900.
The encoded files are QuickTime H.264.

Running time 3 hours 2 mins.

Total download size: 3.26Gb

Along with the training videos you will also receive all the example files created during the classes and bonus files including photographic, nuke scripts, maya and katana scenes film, plus more…