Deep Compositing – Video Series

Welcome to the definitive Deep Compositing video series

5½ hours of material which covers the very latest developments in Deep Compositing.

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Deep Compositing is based around the concept of a pixel containing multiple samples of data, instead of the traditional single sample.

This technology was first developed and used on productions such as ‘Avatar’, and ‘Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole’ but since then has been implemented in visual effects pipelines of some of the biggest studios in the world including: Industrial Light and Magic, Weta Digital, Framestore, Method, Fuel VFX, Animal Logic, MPC, Rising Sun Pictures, and Peregrine Labs.


During this video series you’ll cover :

  • 40 minutes of theory
  • 1½ hours of 3D rendering techniques using Maya 2014, RenderMan Studio 18, V-Ray 2.4, Mantra for Houdini 13, Maxwell Render 3.0, Arnold for Maya 1.0 RC2
  • 2½ hours of Deep Compositing techniques using NukeX 8.0 and 7.0
  • 40 minutes of tricks and tips
  • 1.7 Gb of Deep Data Files + Scene Files, Alembic Models, Textures, Nuke Scripts, etc.
  • (For a more detailed overview of each video see the ‘Full Breakdown’ towards the bottom of this page.)

    During the production of this series spherevfx has worked closely with a number of key companies and individuals to bring you the latest in both software and techniques, including:

  • Colin Doncaster(Peregrine Labs, Weta Digital, Rising Sun Pictures, and Animal Logic)
  • Johannes Saam(Scanline, Fuel VFX, Dr. D Studios, Animal Logic, and Rising Sun Pictures)
  • Jay Cooper(Industrial light and Magic, Rhythm and Hues, Digital Domain, and Cinesite)
  • Robin Hollander(Weta Digital, and MPC)
  • Chris Cooper(NICTA, Dr D Studios, and Animal Logic)
  • along with: Pixar’s RenderMan Team, Chaos Group, Side Effects Software, Solid Angle, and The Foundry.

    Full Breakdown

    Deep Compositing Theory / Overview
    Understanding Render Passes
    Traditional Compositing Methods, A Over B
    Traditional Compositing Methods, Z Merge
    What is Deep Compositing?
    Deep Data Storage
    Deep Compositing Operations

    Deep Data Output / 3D
    RenderMan Pro Server and RenderMan Studio
    Maxwell Render

    Deep Compositing in Nuke
    Live Action
    Generating Deep Data in Nuke
    Generating Deep Data in Nuke 8

    Tricks and Tips
    Using Single Sample Deep Data
    Using Expressions to Adjust Front and Back Deep Samples
    Intersecting Deep Data
    Deep to Z Depth
    Deleting Deep Pixel Samples
    Bokeh and Deep Data

    Technical Information

    This training series costs £60

    The video lessons are supplied within multiple .zip files and saved at a resolution of 1440 x 900. The encoded files are QuickTime H.264.

    Running time 5 hours 29 mins.

    Total download size: 3.5Gb

    Along with the training videos you will also receive all the example files created during the classes and bonus files including Deep renders from all the render engines, models, textures, and Nuke scripts.