I just wanted to drop a line to tell you your Deep Image Compositing Course is Outstanding! Amazing job, well researched and so clearly explained. With no doubt the best source of information available about Deep Imaging.
Victor Perez , VFX Supervisor (Road to Capri)
Everyone in the industry who knows Matt says: “He’s got a divine gift to be a trainer”. I totally agree with that. His teacher’s talent and profound attainments enriched my visual effects experience much more qualitatively than I could expect.
Andrew Fedoroff, Crowd Technical Director: Drop Frame School
Just wanted to say thank you for the Katana course and really appreciate your time and efforts.
Salauddin Kazi, Crowd Technical Director: Animal Logic
With Arnold becoming a standard in VFX and Animation, the demand for Arnold training has increased.
We believe that the standard of training offered by SphereVFX is of the highest quality which makes them the natural choice.
Jonathan Barson, Chief Operating Officer at Solid Angle
I am really happy for this opportunity to get to learn from one of the best Nuke operators in the World.
A real master, Mr Leonard.
Hugo Guerra, Head of Nuke at The Mill
Screen Scene VFX has just completed around 350 shots on HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 1 and I wanted to thank you for helping train and prepare us for the project. Myself, Aled and Mike gained so much insight and knowledge from you that week which helped us so much throughout the 8 months of work. We are really proud of our work and achievement and know that your training helped us deliver that.
Ed Bruce, VFX Supervisor at Screen Scene (A Good Day to Die Hard)
I am a visual effects supervisor based in London. In an effort to keep current with constantly evolving tools and techniques, I have taken several compositing courses, including at Gnomon in Los Angeles, and at Soho Editors and Ravensbourne in London.

I can say without reservation that the course taught by Matt (spherevfx) was by far the clearest and most comprehensive of all those I haven taken. His knowledge, organization, and patience are of the highest order, and I would not hesitate to take another course taught by Matt in the future.

Dennis Michelson, VFX Supervisor (The Avengers, Mission Impossible, Die Hard, 2010, Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Matt is a very knowledgeable and likable guy, I have been working with spherevfx for a long time and Matt is very well informed about Nuke and many of the other Foundry products. Whenever we are unable to fulfill a customers demonstration or training requirements Matt is one of the first people we go to, to help us out. Matt is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him for both his knowledge and personality.
Nicki Morris Global Sales Operations Manager The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd.
Over the past half dozen years or so it has been a great pleasure to have had Matt (spherevfx) teaching and training both our Digital Media staff and under/post graduate animation students.

He has exceptional skills in respect of being able to communicate and enthuse students in the complex realm of high-end post production software. He have gained huge respect in the School of Digital Media here at Swansea Metropolitan University; there is always a great response when the students know he is coming in, either to give a master-class or a week long workshop. I believe his success is because he lead from the front with practical work from the outset, making sure that the theory is truly embedded in the practice, which is in turn informed by contemporary industrial production techniques.

We have continued to employ him in preference to many other trainers because of his professionalism, currency and amenability.

Martin Capey Head of School of Digital Media Swansea Metropolitan University
Matt (spherevfx) came to Dublin to cross train some of our after effects artists to the ways and wonders of Nuke. In amongst our crew were some seasoned Nukers and Matt tempered his course to suit both. Having an insight and close connections with The Foundry meant he was able to show a range of methods to solve a problem (“skin a cat”) and in that way showed some of the senior guys some techniques that they were keen to try. Matt made sure to take breaks so that he could go round to review if people weren’t getting left behind and he asked us what specific tasks were prevalent in our project and veered part of his training with this in mind. Having said that he left us with a taste of what we could achieve if we were to lift up the hood on Nuke and certainly it’s that aspect that will help turn our junior compers into seasoned ones too.
Richard Bain, VFX Supervisor (Inception, King Kong, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Casino Royale)
We are very happy with the level of training and professional manner in which Matt presents himself. We have no hesitation recommending his services.
Vikki Hamilton, Regional Sales Manager EMEA The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd.
I had the privilege in hiring the services of spherevfx during my employment as manager of interactive media and animation at Cyfle, the premier training provider for creative media training in Wales. spherevfx over a number of years delivered many high quality Maya training courses for both intermediate and advanced students. Their strengths as course writers and instructors are second to none, writing courses that assist industry professionals and students to grasp and understand the many complex mechanics of Maya, whilst reaping quick wins in learning the software through numerous practical exercises. Having observed Matt (Head of Training) instruct and teach many workshops, he has the ability to pace each course accordingly to the level of knowledge in the group, allowing all students to feel involved in the learning and not to let anyone drift behind with the course exercises. Matt constantly ensures that everyone has the opportunity to ask questions at any time during the workshops and answers directly and concisely.

The course feedback from participating students who’d completed the post-course questionaries was always positive, remarking in how much knowledge they had learnt and the newly acquired confidence to apply the skills to the workplace.

I have no hesitation in commending spherevfx to anyone who requires Maya training at the highest level.

Gareth I. Davies, Line Producer, Movie Mogul Ltd Formerly Manager of ‘New Media and Animation’ at Cyfle
Matt Leonard and spherevfx has provided professional CGI training here to us at SMU on a consistent basis over at least the past 7 years to tutor and student groups as well as for working professionals.

In that time spherevfx has continuously updated his content and knowledge, incorporating the newest software and technology developments on top of the fundamental principles that he covers. Training sessions have included Fusion, Maya, Nuke and most likely others that I am not aware of. During coffee break time at his workshops, I always enjoy catching up on industry gossip, forthcoming software developments and other late breaking news in CGI.

Matt is clear and professional in his organization, delivery and question handling. Passionate about 3D and 2D, he is an inspiring source of artistic and technical knowledge who displays true commitment to the truth that by openly sharing knowledge, we all learn and improve. In his sessions he is eager to explore new and innovative ways of doing things, he keeps on his toes .

We have found Matt’s help and support instrumental in the delivery of our programmes, which as you know supply the VFX industry with quality graduates ready for industry placement.

Scott Smith MFA, BFA, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for BA (HONS) 3D Computer Animation Swansea Metropolitan University
Matt has been a Professor of mine through the years at the online vfx training organization, fxphd. Having taken several classes over the years taught by various vfx professionals (of which at least five were taught by Matt) I can honestly say that Matt’s classes really stand apart as some of the most comprehensive and challenging courses fxphd has to offer!

As an example, whereas most fxphd classes are about 30 minutes in length, Matt’s Maya / Nuke courses are most often one hour, if not longer. If he’s speaking on a topic, he makes sure to cover it thoroughly regardless of how long it takes. He is also very active in the forums, answering questions at length and providing further resources for students interested in doing their own research.

As well as having taken Matt’s fxphd courses, I’ve also had the pleasure to see his teaching presentations as part of the Foundry’s Nuke Masterclass as well as taking part in the Foundry training at the IBC convention in Amsterdam. It is evident from either watching his classes, attending his lectures or viewing his DVD training content that Matt is passionate about the topics on which he speaks and as he shares his wealth of knowledge with us, we become just as enthused about pushing our skillset further! On several occasions I’ve spoken with fellow fxphd members who agree, Matt is an excellent teacher, highly regarded within our fxphd community and the high-end vfx community at large. He would, without a doubt, be an asset to any team whose purpose is to educate those who wish to learn more about high-end post production!

Rachel Uwa FXPHD student Berlin, Germany