Friends and Partners

fxguide and fxphd

Sphere VFX highly recommends fxguide and fxphd.


Matt Leonard (head of training) has worked closely with fxphd and fxguide for over 7 years and has served as one of their Professors teaching a range of class including:

  • MYA203 – Intermediate Maya II
  • MYA203 – Intermediate Maya III
  • FUS101 – Introduction to Fusion
  • MAY101 – Introduction to Maya
  • TOX201 – Toxik and Maya Integration (with Sébastien Jacob)
  • FUS201 – Intermediate Fusion
  • MAY206 – Maya Animation & Compositing: Red Dwarf
  • FUS202 – Intermediate Fusion 6
  • MYA301 – Maya in Production: Moving Day
  • MYA102 – An Introduction to Maya 2011
  • MYA212 – Integrating Maya and Nuke
  • MYA213 – Maya Rendering and Lighting
  • MYA103 – Introduction to Maya 2012 I
  • MYA104 – Introduction to Maya 2012 II
  • NUK219 – Working with Advanced VFX Tools (with Tahl Niran)
  • KAT101 – Introduction to Katana
  • KAT201 – Intermediate Katana
  • NUK901 – NUKE for Trainers Level One
  • NUK902 – NUKE for Trainers Level Two
  • NUK903 – NUKE for Trainers Level Three
  • NUK904 – NUKE for Trainers Level Four
  • NUK221 – NUKE 7 and modo Workflow (with Ben Greasley)
  • VFX102 – The History of Visual Effects
  • ARN201 – Real World Lighting and Rendering with Arnold
  • MYA220 – Maya Foundations: Modeling
  • MYA221 – Maya Foundations: Animation

  • Matt is very pleased to be a close personal friend of Mike, John and Jeff and has worked alongside them on a number of productions including:


    Matt has had the opportunity of writing a number of articles for fxguide including coverage for Siggraph 2012 and FMX 2013.

    Also Matt has appeared on the VFX Show covering:

  • #133: Star Wars Blu-ray Release (September 2011)
  • #137: Anonymous (November 2011)
  • #140: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (January 2012)
  • #143: Men in Black 1 & 2 (March 2012)
  • #147: The Avengers (May 2012)
  • #148: Men In Black 3 (May 2012)
  • #151: The Amazing Spider-Man (July 2012)
  • #157: Looper (October 2012)
  • #158: Skyfall (November 2012)
  • #165: Oz the Great and Powerful (March 2013)
  • #184: X-Men: Days of Future Past (June 2014)

  • Partners

    Sphere VFX is also delighted to be working closely with Pixar, The Foundry, Solid Angle, and Peregrine Labs.


    We’ve had the pleasure of speaking on behalf of and demoing for both The Foundry and Solid Angle over the years.

    We offer video training in 3D, compositing and visual effects tools and techniques. Choose from a range of software and techniques including Maya, Arnold, Nuke and more. We also offer technique based videos for areas such as Deep Compositing and Core Skills.
    Where in the past we offered a range of training from on-site, to video, to consultancy, now spherevfx offers a simple choice of either video training or free written training.
    Because all our training is either video based or written we can train anyone, from whole departments, small teams or individual artists/freelancers.
    We’ve had the privilege of training artists from some of the top visual effects companies in the world including: Industrial Light and Magic, Framestore, DreamWorks Animation, MPC, Digital Domain, Cinesite, Animal Logic, Ghost VFX, Hybride, Luma Pictures, Pixomondo, Prime Focus, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Weta Digital.