The Foundry release Katana 1.6v3

The Foundry have released the 1.6v3 upgrade for their look development and lighting tool, Katana.


Feature Enhancements and Important Changes for 1.6v3:

  • When rendering with the Arnold renderer, the Arnold plug-in didn’t write the correct pixel aspect ratio for the selected render resolution into output OpenEXR images.
  • Bug Fixes for 1.6v3:

  • Alembic_In Scene Graph Generator: Point widths were incorrectly initialized.
  • When receiving render image buckets at a high frequency, Katana’s UI sometimes suffered from lockups.
  • When flushing caches, references to geometry producers were held by the Viewer and not released, resulting in memory leaks.
  • The intermediate message buffer that is used when sending pixel data from a Katana render plug-in to Katana is now limited in size to avoid unreasonable memory usage when updates are sent at too high a frequency. The size is the number of messages in the buffer and can be specified using the environment variable KATANA_PIPE_MAX_QUEUE_SIZE. The default size is 16384. If the limit is reached, a warning message is printed to the Render Log.
  • Render outputs that share an output filename, but with differing paths, and that use the copyAndConvert render action, such as color outputs, produced the same output due to temporary files being overwritten. NOTE: Katana’s wrapper script ${KATANA_HOME}/katana appends ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} to ensure these libraries are visible to Katana plug-ins. If you manage your own LD_LIBRARY_PATH or wish to expose these libraries to plug-ins by some other means, you can call the Katana binary directly using: ${KATANA_ROOT}/bin/katanaBinRELEASE NOTES FOR KATANA 1.6V3 Katana 1.6v
  • When changing the frame time quickly in scenes with AttributeModifierDefine nodes, Katana occasionally crashed.
  • Tile stitching failed with a Key Error for shadow outputs. This has been replaced with a warning if an error occurs, and the tile stitching is skipped. By default, Katana now attempts to call a program called shadowtilestitch to perform this action. If this program is not found (no such program is shipped with Katana), a warning is output and the shadow tile stitching is skipped.