eyeon release 'Gold Candidate' for Fusion 7

eyeon software have released the ‘Gold Candidate’ for up-to-date Fusion Subscription holders.


This is now feature-locked and eyeon are working on known issues only before the general release.

Fusion 7 Key Features

Fusion 7’s 3D system and renderer import geometry from FBX and Alembic, as well as OBJ, 3DS, and Collada. Millions of polygons, complex Shaders, Ambient Occlusion, Deep Volumetric Atmospherics, Particles Systems, and other toolsets, are now all final rendered with advanced optimization for GPUs, benchmarking in seconds instead of hours.

Fusion 7 offers the ability to have multiple 3D renderers all in one project, all integrated and rendering different aspects from the same scene. Generating Deep Passes, such as World Position, Normals, UV, and Velocity, with Fusion’s flexibility to combine 3D and 2D in a single workflow, is a significant demarcation point from other applications.

Productivity and workflow are streamlined further with automation tools and enhanced rendering. Fusion 7’s built-in Render Manager, and the Scripting engine that supports Python 2.x and 3.x, and Lua, are supported with scripts that ship as part of Fusion 7. Developing Macro tools, managing and sharing tools, jobs, and footage, are now part of Fusion 7’s design for studio-wide use via the integrated Bin System.

Fusion can have multiple projects open at the same time, with cut and paste abilities between comps adding to the integrated environment design. It is now a matter of seconds to test one comp while rendering another. The Integrated Script Debug Console works for Python and Lua to step through code, set breakpoints, and have multiple scripts open at the same time.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Animation Indicators
  • Drag and Drop Layout
  • User Interface Templates
  • Learning Environment
  • Multi Projects/Documents
  • Connected Node Position and Prediction
  • Templates
  • Native Camera Support
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • 3D Custom Vertex
  • Alembic Import
  • Latest FBX Library
  • Replace Normals 3D
  • 3D Interactive Splines
  • 3D Ribbon
  • UV Render and Super Sampling
  • 3D Text Bevel Shaper
  • Dimension – Optical Flow and Stereoscopic Tools – NOW FREE
  • Just-In-time Compiling
  • Script Development Interface
  • Linear Light Color/Open Color IO
  • Deep Volume Processing
  • Roto Onion Skinning