Complete list of what's new in Maya 2015

Autodesk have announced the release of Maya 2015 – More details here…

New features include:

What’s New in General

  • Manipulator plane handles
  • Custom axis for the Rotate Tool
  • Multi-Touch support
  • Walk Tool
  • Improved connection filters in the Hypergraph
  • Improvements in the Node Editor
  • Viewport 2.0 becomes the default viewport renderer
  • Alembic and GPU caching updates
  • Full screen mode for Mac OS X
  • Attribute Editor updates
  • Outliner updates
  • maya2015_02

    What’s New in General Animation

  • Grease Pencil updates
  • Custom colors in the Time Slider
  • Update to Bake animation layers
  • Dynamic attribute performance updates
  • Show buffer curves
  • maya2015_01

    What’s New in Character Animation

  • New Texture deformer
  • New Shrinkwrap deformer
  • New Cyclical Constraints in HumanIK
  • New Edge and face selection support
  • New Geodesic Voxel binding
  • New Smooth Bind Options
  • Reorganized Skin Menu
  • maya2015_03

    What’s New in Modeling

  • Quad Draw Tool updates
  • UV Texture Editor updates
  • Multi-Cut Tool enhancements
  • New algorithm on Booleans
  • Unfold workflow improvements
  • Greater Modeling Toolkit integration
  • Pixar’s OpenSubdiv support
  • Bevel improvements
  • Mesh menu reorganization
  • New Convert to perimeter
  • maya2015_04

    What’s New in Simulation and Effects

  • New ‘Bifröst’ liquid simulations engine
  • New ‘XGen’ procedual landscape and hair system
  • Update to ‘Bullet’ physics engine
  • New nHair Bend Model
  • maya2015_05

    What’s New in Rendering and Render Set

  • mental ray version 3.12
  • New Viewport 2.0 features
  • New ShaderFX editor
  • New Exposure and Gamma controls in Render View
  • Simplified workflow for rendering Ptex in mental ray
  • Progressive rendering with mental ray for Maya
  • Improved shaderball swatches for mental ray materials
  • Ability to load multi-tiled UV textures through a single texture node
  • Improved mental ray image based lighting
  • Ambient occlusion pass on the GPU
  • mental ray mila_material now available (physically accurate layered shaders)
  • mental ray hair shader now available (alternative to default XGen shader)
  • OpenEXR 2.0 support
  • FBX now supports DirectX11 shader parameters
  • Rendering a subset of hardware shaders with mental ray
  • Baking ambient occlusion in mental ray
  • New resizable Ramp editor for Ramp texture node
  • Displaying frustum for non-stereo cameras
  • Ability to measuring Camera Aperture
  • maya2015_06