The Foundry Release Nuke 8.0v3

The Foundry have released version 8.0v3 of Nuke.

This version contains no new features or Feature Enhancements however there have been a number of bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • BUG ID 37798 – Windows only: Nuke 8.0v2 broke NDK compatibility with 8.0 by changing the access specifier of getPlaneFromChannel(Channel chan) from public to protected.
  • BUG ID 40135 – Alembic: The ReadGeo use geometry color control did not default to disabled.
  • BUG ID 40385 – NDK Documentation: There were two pages missing from the bundled documentation regarding Sample Source Code.
  • BUG ID 40475 – Online Help: The Preferences > Control Panels > documentation source dropdown defaulted to local, rather than