The Foundry Release Nuke 8.0v2

The Foundry have released version 8.0v2 of Nuke.

This version contains no new features however there have been a number of enhancements and bug fixes.

Feature Enhancements

  • Read: The reset control in the ARRIRAW reader has been re-labelled load settings from metadata.
  • EXR 2.0: Nuke’s Write node now includes a Truncate channel names control for .exr files.
  • CameraTracker: The warning message regarding non-connected frames in Stills tracking mode has been improved.
  • ModelBuilder now supports the standard nudge keys (the arrow keys on the numeric keypad) in the UV preview window.
  • CameraTracker: A new export option, Camera set, has been added to the Create dropdown.
  • BlinkScript: You can now change how text in the Kernel Source appears using the controls in the Preferences > Script Editor tab.
  • CameraTracker: The Principal View control now appears on the properties panel.
  • Alembic: ReadGeo now has a use geometry colors control.
  • On top of this nearer 60 bugs have been address.