Nuke Training for 3D & Architectural Specialist

spherevfx was delighted to train five 3D artist from Buzzbox (Cardiff) in NukeX.


Over the course of the week we covered a wide range of subjects including:

  • Transforms and Animation
  • Concatenation, BBox and BlackOutside
  • Premultiplied Images
  • Colour Management and Colour Correction
  • ChannelSets and Channels
  • Grain and Noise Management
  • Lens Distortion Management
  • Compositing Multipass Renders (V-Ray)
  • Introduction to Nuke’s 3D Environment
  • 3D Textures and Lighting
  • Rotoscoping in 3D
  • Pan and Tile
  • Camera Projection
  • Retouch and Rig Removal
  • Coverage Mapping
  • Gizmo Creation
  • Expressions
  • Python Techniques
  • Buzzbox specialise in architectural presentation, producing images of quality and integrity, employing a wide range of presentation techniques to get the best result for their clients. Their 3D Graphics have been used for outline planning images through to marketing brochure work. Also their experience and attention to detail allow them to quickly turn 2D CAD information or sketch designs into high quality photo realistic images and animations.

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