CVMP 2013

Matt Leonard (Head of Training) was delighted to have attended this years CVMP conference in London.

Using the two days we heard talks including:

  • Eoin Greenham & Rajat Roy (Prime Focus World) – The Art and Science of Stereo Conversion
  • Paco Galanes (YouTube) – YouTube Live: Technology and Challenges of Live Internet Broadcasting
  • Thorsten Herfet (Intel Visual Computing Institute) – Scene representation in the era of computational videography
  • Andrew Davison (Imperial College London) – Real-Time Tracking and Modelling with a Single Camera
  • Phil Willis (University of Bath) – Vector Representation of Video
  • Tim Webber (Framestore) – Gravity
  • Christian Theobalt (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik) – Capturing and Editing the Real World in Motion
  • Wil Braithwaite (NVIDIA) – 10 years of GPUs in the VFX & Post Production
  • Simon Robinson (The Foundry) – A decade of Visual Media Production
  • Oliver Grau (Intel Visual Computing Institute) – A Decade of Visual Computing
  • Matt was also there on behalf of fxguide filming the event along with fxphd Prof. Nick Lambert.