eyeon Announce New Features for Fusion 7

In a recent webinar, Steve Roberts (CEO) of eyeon Software, released information on the next version of Fusion 7.


These updates included:

  • Highlight added to the side of an key-framed parameter.
  • Quick setting of node base and text color directly from the node itself.
  • New 3D preferences including: Grid control (line width and line colour), Adjustment of near and far clipping plans, and Define default lighting in the views based in intensity and position.
  • Better flow alignment prediction.
  • Customisation of the complete UI including remove, undock, add or float any major view.
  • New drag and drop navigation system.
  • New Alembic import.
  • Updated FBX import to cover version 2014.
  • Velocity Channel Pass Rendering.
  • Ambient Occlusion backed directly into the vertex colors.
  • Creation of screen space Ambient Occlusion.
  • PointCloud Modeling.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Overscan functionality.
  • Replacement of object Normal’s tool.
  • Creation of an imagePlane based on selected CV’s (Points).
  • Creation of Locators or other 3D objects based on selected CV position.
  • The ability to add Annotations to CV’s.
  • Addition of a Domain Clip option for pushing the DoD outside the image area.
  • Ability to adjust 3D Splines in the Viewport.
  • Open Colour I/O support.
  • Gamma and LUT conversion directed in Loaders and Savers.
  • 2.5D relighting
  • Procedural 3D noise function.
  • 3D Projectors casting light through volumes.
  • Onion Skinning added to roto tools.
  • Highlight of frame number on roto tools (on mouse hover).
  • Plot of points on Roto tools for seeing point direction over time.
  • New Roto Assist (using edge detection technologies).
  • Fusion7