RV 4.0 Is Here!

RV 4.0 is built on top of the RVX Core, a new GPU-accelerated image processing architecture that combines fast IO, resolution-independent image handling, GPU-based floating point image pipeline, linear light workflow, and advanced color management. The RVX Core also adds a major new dimension to RV’s customizability–user programmable GPU image processing operations (GLSL shaders) that can be integrated into custom RV workflows.


New versions of RV-SDI (with HD SDI output) and RVIO (command-line transcoding and RV Session processing) are also based on the RVX Core.

Highlights of RV 4.0

  • RVX Core: New GPU-accelerated image processing architecture
  • Color Pipeline Toolkit: Library of GPU accelerated color transforms that can be chained into custom color pipelines
  • Quicktime support cross platform including for Windows 64 bit RV and RV-SDI
  • OpenColorIO
  • Editorial transitions: “Cross-fade” and “Wipe” transition nodes can be added to Session files
  • Per-device display preferences and display auto-detect
  • New toolbars
  • Dithering to 8 and 10 bits: display high bit-depth imagery without banding
  • User-programmable image processing using GLSL shaders (requires RVX Development license to author shaders)
  • Lens warping/unwarping
  • OpenExr 2.0 multi-part file support